We take a very strategic approach to the planning process, which is key in enabling us to maximise the potential that a building or piece of land has to offer.

We work with some of the industry’s most successful planning consultants and award winning architects who we select based on their extensive experience within the particular borough that we employ them to work in.

How are we different?

Relationships are key throughout the business world and we firmly believe that our planning consultants and architects work better when they are employed within the boroughs where they already have an established and strong relationship within a Council’s planning department.

This is one of the key principles of our planning strategy as it enables us to successfully navigate a clear pathway through what is often a very complicated process to maximise a site’s true potential and end value; whether in regards to maximising the total number of on-site units created, or if producing an innovatively designed modern scheme that requires the support of the planning officers to buy into the concept.